Clay Fetish Pottery    Stacey Stanhope and Christopher Baumann
Holiday Sale PreviewCaribou BowlCow Plate
SOLDRabbit Yunomi
SOLDRabbit Yunomi
SOLDRooster PlateBird BoatsBird BoatsBird Boat CloseupBird Boat CloseupHorse PitcherChurch PlatterFish BottleTractor TeapotFlora Bottle
SOLDRooster BottleRooster Bottle CloseupBird Bottle
SOLDRabbit VesselRabbit VesselRabbit with Purse CloseupRabbit with PurseRabbits closeup
SOLDRabbits/ sq bowl
SOLDRabbit Proof Fence Closeup
SOLDRabbit Proof Fence
SOLDRabbit in Tie
SOLDRabbit in Tie Closeup
SOLDBird on Line Platter-bowlBird on Line CloseupBird Platter 2 CloseupBird Platter 2Bird Platter CloseupBird PlatterRabbit Platter CloseupRabbit PlatterRabbit Vessel CloseupRabbit VaseRabbit Vase CloseupMouse
SOLDMouse Closeup
SOLDTeapotGiant Rabbit PlatterCovered JarRabbit Long Form
SOLDMugCar PlatterSheep PlatterBird BottleSheep Platter CloseupRabbit Cookie JarMugSmall Rabbit Jar
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